“C-Change introduced me to a diverse group of talented individuals, and taught me how each of us can use out unique experiences and perspectives to be leaders in our community.”
Pramila Kamath, Bricker & Ekler LLP
C-Change Class 6

“C-Change provided me with a network of real connections for a real life situations. I formed relationships that will value for the rest of my life.”
Steve Bleh, Powers Agency
C-Change Class 7

“C-Change transformed my view of leadership. I no longer view it as a solitary action, but as a group of diverse minds working creatively to affect change in the community.”
Tiffany Fears, Coldwell Banker West Shell
C-Change Class 7

“You cannot expect others to look to you for leadership if you do not know who you are as a leader. C-Change helps participants understand where they are, discover where they want to be, and develop a strategy to move from one stage to the next.”
Treva Brinkley, Senior Associate
United Way of Greater Cincinnati

“C-Change is a great opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people who are not only leaders, but also servants of the community who want to use their talents to bring about change.”
Vashon Christian, Sales Associate
Comey & Shepherd Realtors

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community shared among the C-Change members. Those in C-Change come from all different parts of the region. It’s great to be in a setting where you can learn from YPs who have such unique experiences to share.”
Kim Glenn, Supervisor
Duke Energy

“Take advantage of the C-Change opportunity! The relationships you develop through this program are invaluable and the connections you will make with leaders in the community will provide you with opportunities that you may not be able to otherwise experience.”
Shannon Heroux, Sales Executive
Humana, Inc.

“In addition to the great information and training, the greatest value that I’ve received from C-Change is the network of my 49 classmates and Chamber leadership. These connections will be with me long after the program is over.”
Kate Keller, Program Officer
Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati

“C-Change has helped me see that at times, I need to adjust my leadership style to properly lead a group of diverse personalities. In addition, my fellow classmates have affected me permanently. I have learned something new about myself from each of my fellow C-Changers. We have created friendships and networks that will last our lifetimes.”
Phillip Lanham, Associate Director of Development
UC College of Business

“C-Change is more than just a leadership seminar: it’s a year-long opportunity to develop friendships, professional contacts and a new, exciting way to look at your city and yourself.”
Monica McPeek, Senior Associate
Frost Brown Todd

“The life plan that I was encouraged to create in C-Change has become the blueprint for conversations with important people in my life, and a litmus test when making important decisions. It helped me to explain who I am – and who I want to become – when I was courting my wife, and gave insight into my career progression to my supervisors prior to my ICT experience. In the wider community, C-Change has provided me with an extended network of positive, motivated individuals that I know I can (and have) called on for support.”
Dave Ostreicher, Specialist Purchasing

“Working for a family business located outside the Central Business District, it was difficult to find avenues for involvement. My C-Change peers and experiences have opened doors that are allowing me to become a more active member of our community. The entire experience has definitely exceeded my expectations.”
Mike Prus, Vice President
Prus Construction Company

“C-Change has provided an opportunity to not only develop my leadership skills but to make an impact on the development of this region. The icing on the cake is the incredible friendships I have made along the way.
Clara Rice
Jack Rouse Associates

“C-Change has taught me the importance of dialogue and reinforced my belief that personal involvement is required for change to take place. C-Change will be an experience that will forever change your views about yourself, your peers, leadership and our communities.”
Kendra Roland, Process Engineer
The Kroger Company

Change your outlook. Change the region. Change yourself. Join C-Change.