Candidate Profile

C-Change is designed for emerging leaders (30s-early 40s/mid-career) interested in growing their leadership capabilities. Candidates should have demonstrated community service and leadership potential, in addition to a commitment to improving the Cincinnati USA region.2

Recommended Program Candidates — Is This You?
• Emerging leader (30s-early 40s/mid-career)
• Employed in Cincinnati USA region
• Active, and/or looking to become more active, in the community through service and leadership
• Demonstrates leadership potential
• Committed to the growth and improvement of this region
• Diverse in race, gender, culture and/or thought

And, Do You Want To?
• Enhance your leadership capabilities
• Refine your personal brand and strategic communication skills
• Gain information and insight into the Cincinnati USA region via historical, economic and philanthropic perspectives
• Impact the region through group projects that address community needs
• Expand your network through connection with fellow class participants who will become long-time friends, contacts and business associates